What's Blooming Wednesday!

June 07, 2023

What’s Blooming Wednesday!

It’s Daisy Fleabane / Erigeron Annus

A Daisy Flea what, isn’t that a weed…? Fleabane, huh, does it keep fleas away? No, but it WAS a superstition long ago that if you hung a dried bundle in your house it would deter fleas, hence the name. In actuality, it has been used to help digestive ailments, among other discussed health benefits.

This flower is everything we love as a fill in for a mixed bed! It has a light airiness about it. The flowers are reminiscent of asters (it’s in the Asteraceae family) and commonly found in fields and roadsides, making it a hardy choice. Considered a weed by some, but what is a weed really except a plant you don’t want in a certain bed!

Pictures taken at Cylburn Arboretum
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