We customize our PROCESS to suit each client’s project. The design process is ITERATIVE, with each subsequent phase of work becoming more and more DETAILED
Here’s how we get from initial ideas to completed PROJECT.


We begin with an introduction to you and your site. Before the art of landscape design starts, we conduct a scientific site inventory and analysis, using topography maps, drone footage, aerial images. We ask ourselves the question, “What is the site telling us we can do?” And we ask you, “What is your vision for the site?” We listen and distill this information. These conversations and data become the guiding framework for the process as we move forward. After your vision is established, we create a program for the project that lists the design’s scope items. Next, we start to sketch loose ideas in the form of overlay studies. These overlay studies are pared down to one option that we’ll further detail in the design phase.


Early in the Design process we hone in on refining the concept and establishing budgets. To help you understand our concepts, we use rendered plans and 3D modeling to communicate the design intent visually and spatially, along with sections and sketches. The design becomes more detailed as it progresses. Decisions are made about the design elements, specific materials, functionality and more. We’ll provide you with material samples and alternate options, and produce detailed drawings. We’ll elaborate on the plant palette and finesse the art of planting design.

construction documents

These technical drawings take the project from vision to built form. The CAD drawings provide the specifications for design, materials, grading, drainage, and more, to selected contractors for project bids and construction.

bidding & negotiation

We facilitate competitive bids from selected contractors. Our relationships with contractors and vendors help make this a seamless process from pre-construction to construction.

client advocacy

From onsite plant layout, tagging specimen trees, and punch list back checks, this phase is where we act as an advocate for you throughout the construction process.