saucer magnolia

April 14, 2021

How do you select a flower to highlight for What’s Blooming Wednesday at this time of year, when blooms are in such abundance?! Tough job, but we’ll do it!

What’s Blooming Wednesday is a helpful peek at what’s in bloom at this very moment — with a heavy emphasis on Intreegue’s favorites! Check out what’s blooming this week and what you might see out in your neighborhood!

Today we’re highlighting magnolias, the elegant matrons of the spring debut. These grand dames are full and fragrant in the landscape! They come to the party early, blooming on bare branches in March and April before other trees leaf out.

Helpful to note, is that there are a number of magnolia species: some flower in early spring, others not until summer. Pay attention to bloom time when selecting a magnolia as your ornamental tree of choice.

Little Girl hybrid magnolia ready to bloom

Little Girl hybrid magnolia ready to bloom

Which flowering trees are you enjoying most this April? We’d love you to share your favorites with us!

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