brandywine viburnum

June 02, 2021

What’s Blooming Wednesday highlights some of our favorite blooming plants that are currently in season! We help you identify some of our favorite flowering plants, shrubs, and trees for you to include in your next planting project.

You’ll recognize brandywine viburnum by its clustered white blooms in early summer, transitioning to deep red foliage and bountiful clusters of mixed pink and blue berries in autumn. The berries can persist well into winter, but you’d be hard pressed to find any as the birds will snatch them up! 

doublefile viburnum

Viburnum nudum (Brandywine Viburnum) is native to our region, and is hardy in zones 5-9. Plant where it will receive full sun to part sun, with adaptability in soil moisture.

This medium-sized shrub is low-maintenance. It blooms on old wood and requires minimal pruning in the fall season. But don’t expect it to stay low:  it can grow to 6 feet and higher. Instead of a foundation specimen, consider it for hedging or for a mixed border. There are many benefits to this viburnum. Brandywine blooms for several weeks at the start of summer, resists browing deer, and is a pollinator favorite.

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