2022 Branch Out Book Club - Wrapping Up!

March 02, 2023

Settling into the new year, we’ve seen new buzz words pop up regarding our weather patterns, climate, and environment… I’m sure you’ve now heard chatter about atmospheric rivers… Interesting to think of a river above us in the clouds right?

Wohlleben is an international best-selling author of The Hidden Life of Trees.  We featured this previously in our book club, where he translates the secret signs of nature.  In his latest book, The Weather Detective, he also helps to bring an understanding of weather to the laymen, helping to consciously read their local environment and appreciate what we might stand to lose with our current severe weather we’ve been experiencing.

The overarching message of this book is to pay attention to nature’s signals and rhythms. For instance, did you know that bees will only leave the hive when temperatures are between 54℉ and 95℉? This can serve as an indicator for rising or falling temperatures. How about the observation that airplane contrails are an early harbinger of a bad weather front. If they don’t dissolve, the sky will soon cloud over. Wohlleben also breaks down how the seasons work and how our changing climate impacts the migration patterns of birds, growing patterns of vegetation, and other aspects of our environment. He encourages people to measure precipitation and temperatures in their own gardens to really understand what their local climate is like, and then respond accordingly. We highly encourage you to give The Weather Detective a read and see what signals from the natural world you can use in your daily life.

We invite you to join our ‘Branch Out Book Club’ for a journey into rich and environmentally- conscious books. If you are interested, please follow this link to see our list of books for 2023 and gain access to our meetings.

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