Let's Talk PawPaws.... (Latin name: Asimina triloba)

February 02, 2023

I’m fascinated by this wonderful native… a smaller deciduous tree, it produces the largest native edible fruit! More highlights include: the sole source of the zebra swallowtail, interesting fruit texture and taste, and best of all, George Washington’s favorite fruit…we are seeing a renaissance for this tree/fruit. Buy why do you not find this native fruit in the grocery stores? Good question… they like to grow in a grove and don’t always do well in an orchard style planting.

I was excited to see that Cylburn Arboretum Association will be hosting Neal Peterson and Rodney Dever from Petersons Pawpaws for February Garden Club. It’s via Zoom, easy to join in the conversation and learn more about this exciting species…


Colleen Vacelet

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