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KRISTEN APGAR, associate asla

Kristen has been working as a Project Manager since 2019, and was previously a Landscape Designer at Intreegue for four years. During her time here, she has gained experience in high-end residential, institutional, commercial, streetscape, and planting design, as well as estate planning and stormwater management. As a Project Manager she has overseen projects from conceptual design to client presentations to oversight during installation.

Kristen gained her bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University, where she discovered a passion for sustainability. She focused her studies on sustainable practices and research including green roofs, stormwater design, and native plants. More recently, she’s been inspired by healing and therapeutic gardens. During 2014 she began volunteer work with an assisted living community to renovate their outdoor spaces into therapeutic gardens for the residents.

She is fascinated with the connections between people and the natural environment. Her designs strive to make these connections stronger and more harmonious. Achieving this balance is especially important due to our regional proximity to the Chesapeake Bay. To further support these efforts, Kristen became certified as a Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Designer (CBLP-D) to better implement stormwater best practices. She believes it is our duty to improve the health of natural systems for both people and the environment. In her free time, Kristen enjoys volunteering at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and exploring our local parks.

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