Delphinium: More Than Just a Pretty Face

May 11, 2022

Delphinium make a summer statement with their beautiful spires dressed in a variety of shades, but these native flowers are more than just a pretty face for pollinators!

  • Delphinium come in many stunning shades: blue, pink, white, purple and even red!
  • They are frequently seen in cottage style gardens.
  • Delphinium grow in many parts of the United States and Europe.
  • Many people treat them as annuals, buying new plants each year; however, they are actually a short-lived perennial that prefer cool, moist summers to dry and hot conditions.
  • The flowers are named after the Greek word “delphis” which means dolphin.
  • Delphinium are known to repel insects such as lice!
  • Native Americans used a special technique to extract dye for coloring their clothes and other items.
  • The flower symbolizes overall positivity evoking feelings of warmth and joy.

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