landscape architect


Aubrie grew up in the west which has given her an affection for desert landscapes and environmentally conscious design. She has a deep appreciation for projects that celebrate people and the places they are vested in.

She earned her degree in landscape architecture and environmental planning from Utah State University and is now a licensed landscape architect in the state of Utah.

Aubrie has worked on projects all over the country and has garnered experience designing spaces with vastly different climates, soils, and project needs. She has worked on projects in Nevada where water is scarce to working in Louisiana where a high water table is an inevitability. These differing conditions have allowed Aubrie to be comfortable with a large range of design considerations. In addition to the diversity of locations, she has worked on a number of differing project types: urban planning, institutional design, community driven park projects, civic spaces, and water-wise planting design.

On her time off you can find her, in a pottery studio, the climbing gym, or the outdoors.