Welcome to the new era for Donovan, Feola, Balderson, & Associates. Andy Balderson will pass the torch to Colleen Vacelet, founder of Intreegue Design, to carry on the legacy of the oldest practicing Landscape Architecture firm in Maryland. We welcome you, our client, to take this next step with us.

Our intertwined Story

…a background of the friendship and mentorship…

As a young graduate from UMD, Colleen started off her career with DFB & Associates just as Dick Feola was retiring, and Andy Balderson was stepping into the role of President. So much was learned, an excellent landscape architect was cultivated, and a mentorship and a long standing friendship was formed.

Seventeen years later, Colleen has become a well respected landscape architect and business owner in her own right. Enough so that Andy, who has worked with the Intreegue team as a consultant and vice versa is excited to have the firm’s legacy carried on through Colleen and her Intreegue Team.

Our Process for your Project

…how the process will work…

For over 64 years Donovan, Feola, Balderson, & Associates has preserved the delicate balance of modern aesthetics while protecting historic integrity. Always moving forward, but hinting at the past, DFB and Intreegue offer creative designs with underlying roots in environmental compositions.

For your project, Intreegue will be your management team. You will have a dedicated Project Manager from the Intreegue Team. Your project will be executed in the same manner Colleen learned from working at DFB long ago, and… of course… Andy will be a project liaison, available to you should you need his expertise We welcome you to the new era for DFB through Intreegue Design!