business development manager


Christian is Intreegue’s marketing professional and strategic planner. She handles all teaming requests, along with requests for proposals, public relations, and client on-boarding. Her past work in the world of engineering and transportation around the Baltimore-Washington area are perfectly suited for decisively managing and guiding Intreegue’s new business pursuits. She is well-acquainted with the nuances and needs of state and local agencies.

With that technical background and a love of marketing and design, she channels her duality of skills to craft Intreegue’s media persona and nurture our meaningful relationships so that our designers can keep their expertise and focus on the design at-hand.

Christian’s design interests center around color consulting and the psychology of color in the landscape. At Intreegue, those interests are supported and valued: in our marketing proposals, out in the landscape, site amenities decisions, and in the careful selection of our vendor partnerships. The needs of Donovan Feola Balderson (under the Intreegue umbrella) are also under Christian’s care.

Reach out to Christian for anything Intreegue can help you with. She is a helper and facilitator at heart.