What's Blooming Wednesday - Clematis

Clematis bloom - Intreegue Design.jpg

Welcome back to What’s Blooming Wednesday! Nature brings us exciting new shapes and colors every week - on Wednesdays, we hand pick our favorites and feature them here! Check out what’s blooming this week and what you might see in your neighborhood!

We love this beautiful Clematis!  We happened upon this particular vine in a forgotten 'secret garden' - it was growing up a volunteer white oak! It was hidden, so it was a nice surprise when the contrast of purple popped out from the deep green of the oak leaf.

The Clematis is a Spring bloomer. As a note, if you have a Spring blooming Clematis, they flower on last year's growth...meaning, if you are going to prune, prune them back as soon as they finish flowering this Spring. The benefit for the plant is that is will have the rest of the season to flush out new growth and produce more flowers for next year!