Ginkgos Go Naked!

ginkgo biloba.jpg

Did you know gingko’s drop their leaves all at the same time?  It’s quite a spectacular scene, nature’s outdoor floor is covered with the Maidenhair’s golden locks, creating a “Wow Factor” display making head’s turn.  Why does this happen though…?


Jack Frost is the trigger in essence… for their leaf senescence! (Senescence, meaning plant death/leaf drop). The petioles (leaf stems) on deciduous trees start to create a protective layer of cells for the winter to protect the tree during the cold stretch of winter.

Typically, the outer leaves of most deciduous trees start this process first as they are the ones most affected by the change in temperature and climate.  Consecutively, the next layer goes, and so on creating a leaf drop over several days to possibly weeks.  Conversely for the ginkgo it’s a different case – their petioles create the protective layer of cells all at the same time when the break of the seasonal change comes.  They all wait for a strong frost...and, Voila; it’s a vibrant splash of yellow.  The surrounding ground plane is littered with the beautiful scene and the tree left bare till the rebirth of Spring!