Earth Day 2018 - Easy Acts of Green

HAPPY EARTH DAY from the Intreegue team! 

As Landscape Architects we see ourselves as 'Environmental Stewards'. With that in mind, at Intreegue we aim to 'walk the walk as much as we talk the talk'! We were so grateful to spend a beautiful weekend celebrating the world around us. From our garden to our apiary, we've seen the benefits of good green habits we've adopted. This Spring we will be conducting tests on soil health in our own space and document the benefit of sheet mulching. Soil samples have been sent out and we will begin sheet mulching soon. If you're looking to add some more acts of green to your daily life, check out list of easy tips below:

Intreegue's new mason bee house! 

Intreegue's new mason bee house! 

1. Provide Habitats for Pollinators: This could be anythings from a pollinator garden to installing a bee house (see ours to the right -->) . Check out these stylish ones as Gardner Supply: Bees, Bugs, and Insect Homes.

2. Skip the Straw: Did you know that Americans use about 500 million plastic straws each day? WOW. These days, they have developed fun and cute reusable straws you can use to get your straw fix!

3. Support Local & Sustainable Farmers: Did you know the average item of food in America travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate?! Good thing it's becoming easier to find amazing locally grown foods! From Farmer's Markets to roadside stands to work-supported CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), you can find delicious, locally-grown items right in your hometown! Finding and supporting local not only helps lessen carbon emissions but the food actually tastes better! From the farm right to your plate!