Happy New Year from Intreegue!

Did you receive our Holiday Card in the mail?

As we push forward into 2019, we want to make sure all of our friends and colleagues received our recent Holiday Card! If you changed your address or did not receive our card in the mail, please contact us so we can send you a card and update our mailing list.

Until then, please enjoy the digital version below! Our president, Colleen Vacelet, had some 'free time' and painted the card herself! As you know in Maryland, deer are quite a problem for plants so we've highlighted some recommendations that we've tested in our own gardens.

If you'd like to download a digital copy to share with your friends or keep for your records, click here!

Morning Office Visitor

Early in the morning last week, the Intreegue office was greeted by this wonderful creature - a Polyphemus Moth.

Polyphemus Moth

This guy is one species for the Giant Silk Moth group from the Saturniidae family. It's peculiar name stems from that of Greek derivation, from the cyclops in the Odyssey.  It is named this for it's lovely giant eyespots, reflecting that of the feared Greek giant named Polyphemus, son of Poseidon and Thoosa.

These moths are primarily tan-colored and bear an average wingspan of 10-15 cm. The antennae are comb-like in appearance with those of the males typically being larger than those of the females. Our friend appears to be a male!

The caterpillars consume leaves from a wide variety of trees including Maple, Birch, Oak and Willow, however, do not commonly cause damage to host trees. Surprisingly, the adults do not feed.

Though common, this particular species is seldom seen due to its short lifespan. They tend to fly in the earlier hours of the morning, which is how we spotted this fella.

You can help these unique creatures by:

  • Turning off bright exterior lights at night
  • Inspecting your vegetation for cocoons before trimming
  • Relocating your fallen leaves instead of shredding or burning them

What critters are you seeing outside this summer? Post your wildlife photos to our Facebook page! If you would like any more information on insects and pollinators, please feel free to contact office@intreeguedesigns.com

Celebrating our 5th Anniversary!

Intreegue Design 5 Years.jpg

As we continue on our path of growth, we thank you, our clients, collaborators and friends, for joining with us to deliver successful projects and serve as stewards of the environment. As always, we strive for thoughtful design, environmental consideration and ultimately an inTREEgueing outcome! 

To celebrate, we hope you'll come visit our new digs in Elkridge, Maryland. We are excited to have visitors and showcase our space in the new Riverwatch Community, just a block away from the historic Furnace Inn and the Patapsco River.

We hope you'll also learn about our new projects! The breadth of our project sites encompass local, national and international work, spanning across the East and West Coast, Asia, Africa and Europe. Exciting projects on 'the boards' include a house in Napa Valley, an outdoor classroom for a private school in Pennsylvania, and a Visitor's Celebration Garden at the Embassy of Bangladesh which features a Shaheed Minar Monument (a Mother Language Monument, which is featured below). 

Thank you all for your incredible support as we celebrate our 5th Anniversary! Follow along with the hashtags #intreeguedesign and #intreegue5 for all the fun we'll be having this year! 

Visitor's Celebration Garden at the Embassy of Bangladesh - Intreegue Design

Live from the Hive: Bee Rodeo 2018

This past weekend was our annual Intreegue Bee Rodeo! Every year the team at Intreegue installs new hives in our apiary. This year we installed two nucleus hives from our Central Maryland Beekeepers Association. A nucleus hive is a 4-5 frame started hive. Check out some the photos from this year's Bee Rodeo below: 

beekeeping - Intreegue Design
beekeeping - Intreegue Design
beekeeping - Intreegue Design
beekeeping - Intreegue Design

We love beekeeping because it stimulates the pollination of our area!

Did you know “one out of every three bites of food that a person eats was made possible by a pollinator”?!

It’s true! And beekeeping, as you can see by these photos, can be a fun (and stylish) hobby for anyone!

If you have any questions on beekeeping or if you have a space you think could be transformed into a pollinator garden, please reach out to us

Intreegue Design beekeeping

The bees are the buzz on Earth Day 2015

Happy Earth Day on behalf of Intreegue!

The Buzz at Intreegue!

The Buzz at Intreegue!

Installing the hive.

Installing the hive.

The Stewards busy at work.

The Stewards busy at work.

Today marks the anniversary of an environmental movement which began in 1970 in order to protest many common day environmental atrocities that were at the time legal and unregulated. The successful movement eventually gave way for congress to authorize the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 


As a salute to the earth and its divine acts of fruition, Intreegue has decided to install new honey bee hives! Honey bees are much more important than one might believe. They are absolutely critical for the earths food supply and growth of trees and flowers all around the world. The honey bee is truly a gift from nature and also a steward of nature itself. 

One out of every three bites of food that a person eats was made possible by a pollinator.

In spite of the importance of the honey bee there seems to be a dramatic decline in their numbers across the globe. The major cause of this change is due to the destruction of habitats, deadly pesticides, and unusual weather. We must keep the bees buzzing if we are to stop a much larger potential disaster. What can we do to help? 

40% loss of the commercial honeybee in the US since 2006.

Beekeeping is a great activity that can stimulate pollination in your area. Anyone can become a beekeeper and its a great hobby! All you need is proper knowledge and little training to get started. It is especially rewarding to all of you honey lovers out there! Pollinator gardens are a great substitute if bees are not your calling. These gardens are a great habitat for pollinators to flourish and also a great place for people to admire.

For more information on beekeeping please contact Intreegue so we can fill you in on any questions you may have. You can also join the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association to remain up to date on the current buzz near you.

Which ever way you choose to help out the earth today, keep in mind that earth day is not about one day. Rather it is the day that we honor and  recognize what the earth signifies as we emphasize a continued effort to keep the earth healthy everyday throughout our existence. 


Intreegue hosting the 'Bee Booth' at the Maryland State Fair

Tonight, August 29th, Colleen Vacelet will be hosting the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association booth at the Maryland State Fair located at the Timonium Fairgrounds.  Come out to learn more about beekeeping, pollinator gardens, and how you can make your own space more bee friendly!  If you can't make it and are interested in any of these topics, be sure to email Colleen Vacelet for more info: cvacelet@intreeguedesigns.com

Bees in the Hive

Bees in the Hive

Checking the Bee Frames

Checking the Bee Frames

Intreegue's active involvement in the bee community and with the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association keeps us at the cusp of knowledge when it comes to the state of our bee's and what news has been BUZZing about.  As avid beekeepers we strive to incorporate pollinator gardens into projects when appropriate and educate the public on bee friendly approaches toward the landscape!  

If you have a space you think could be great opportunity for a pollinator garden, please be sure to contact us, OR if you are looking for information about becoming a beekeeper, feel free to contact Colleen Vacelet at: cvacelet@intreeguedesigns.com