What's Blooming Wednesday - Saucer Magnolias + Red Buds

Saucer Magnolias - Intreegue Design

Welcome back to What’s Blooming Wednesday! Nature brings us exciting new shapes and colors every week - on Wednesdays, we hand pick our favorites and feature them here! Check out what’s blooming this week and what you might see in your neighborhood!

We still seem to be on a rollercoaster of weather - this past weekend we saw a few days of sun but we're back to chilly spring skies. But that doesn't mean plants aren't growing! 

This week, we're seeing more Saucer Magnolias! These show-stoppers are brightening up our streets and sidewalks with their early pink and white blossoms. These trees have been widely planted in our areas and they are one of the first to bloom in spring. 

Red Buds - Intreegue Design

You can also be on the lookout for Red Buds. These trees are native to eastern North America and can be seen throughout the state. Their deep pink flowers grow right on their reddish brown trunks and zigzag branches and create a beautiful brush of color! Sometimes call the 'rising sun' Red Bud, these blooms are always interesting and striking! 

Red Bud - Intreegue Design