What's Blooming Wednesday - Bleeding Hearts + Quince

Welcome to What’s Blooming Wednesday! Nature brings us exciting new shapes and colors every week - on Wednesdays, we hand pick our favorites and feature them here! Check out what’s blooming this week and what you might see in your neighborhood!

Bleeding Heart blooms - Intreegue Design

Things are starting to happen for Spring, even though it feels like it's not here yet. I love that the things blooming right now are all about the flowers - leaves have not leafed out yet so we're just seeing full pops of color!

This week, we’re seeing the famous heart-shaped flowers of the Bleeding Hearts, also known as Dicentra, bloom! With soft green foliage and rose pink or white heart-shaped flowers, this plant is a favorite of spring shade.

We’re also seeing Quince bloom - it’s typically one of the first shrubs to flower in spring (hopefully that means warmer weather is coming our way)! While it can look a little scraggly, it’s an interesting flower.

Quince bloom - Intreegue Design
Quince bloom - Intreegue Design