Earth Day 2014 - create an act of 'Green'

Happy Earth Day from Intreegue Design Inc.

April 22, 2014 marks the 44th Annual Earth Day celebration.  To participate in this day, Intreegue broke ground on our new vegetable garden.  We also checked in on our ever growing bee colony.  

What can you do to participate?  Here are a few simple ideas:

1. Plant A Tree: Arbor day is approaching (April 27th) and this would fulfill both days! If you have been thinking about infilling your outdoor space with some tree canopy coverage, now would be a perfect time!  Contact us and we can help plan it for you.

earth day

2. Establish an Edible Garden: an herb or vegetable garden, or even perhaps an edible landscape?  Intreegue's experienced team can help with this!

3. Carry your own water bottle:  This is a great way to easily cut down on plastic used for bottled water.  We recommend the square by cleanbottle  We've been specifying water bottle refill stations in our commercial retail designs, keep your eyes peeled for those!